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About Us

Hromadske Radio welcomes you!

Hromadske Radio is an independent ‘talk’ station. We started as a podcast project. And now we work as a web radio and broadcast in several cities in Ukraine.

We believe every listener should have access to the most important news and balanced analysis of events in Ukraine and in the world. We think that you would like to understand what is happening in the world around you, and to come to your own conclusions.

Our news is not framed according to the interests of the government, businessmen or politicians. We provide the chance for public and initiative groups, associations, individual artists and activists to bring socially significant ideas to the audience of Hromadske Radio.

Hromadske Radio gives an ability to avoid pressure for journalists who want to work for the ethical standards of their profession. 

It is created by independent journalists. They refused to turn a blind eye to censorship, unfair editorial revelation or non-transparent media management.

In our first podcast, some members of the initiative group explained why they decided to re-launch Hromadske Radio. The reason is simple: Hromadske Radio wants to do the job honestly. We do not want to work at the behest of people in power, or politicians or businesses.  It is our goal to be honest, despite widespread practices of censorship and self-censorship.  We want to believe that our approach, our viewpoint, will be shared by hundreds of thousands of people, including you.  We believe that the time for Hromadske Radio has come right now.  

OUR STRATEGY 2016-2020

Questions and Answers

— Why did you decide to focus on radio when the largest audiences watch television?

— Television is losing its most discerning viewers: the programs are of poor quality, frequently primitive. More and more Ukrainians are turning to the Internet with its news packages, blogs and social networks. We know that people are busy and frequently in motion (commuting, doing sports, or simply out and about), leaving their eyes and hands free.  You can hear us on the simplest mobile phones or smartphones, in the bus, on the train, or subway.  You have a choice: listen to music, or our programs.  With access to the Internet or a Wi-Fi hotspot you can download our podcasts onto your mobile phone or music player.

— What are your editorial guidelines?

— Hromadske Radio strives to comply with high standards of investigative journalism. 
We present objective and balanced information and facts that are really important for the society and have no hidden advertising.

We are ruled by the principles of impartiality, objectivity, keeping the balance of opinions and ideas. In particular:

  • efficiency
  • reliability
  • simple and understandable presentation of the facts
  • citing reliable sources of information
  • providing opportunities to all the key stakeholders to express their position
  • distinguishing facts from the comments

Hromadske radio does not promote unhealthy or antisocial lifestyle, narrow religious views or atheism, and disassociates itself from any kind of extremism or hatred.

Hromadske radio is open for a dialogue with the audience: write us at [email protected], call +38 (067) 220-16-74 or join us on FacebookTwitter, YouTubeVkontakte.

— Where can I listen to Hromadske Radio?

— At the moment we distribute our podcasts and programs on the web-site, on SoundCloud, Podcasts on iTunes, TuneIn Radio app (install iOS or Android app and search for Hromadske Radio).

We have also started FM and AM broadcasting in Kyiv and several regions of Ukraine.

— Who funds Hromadske Radio?

— Hromadske radio does not work for profit. The main source of Hromadske Radio’s financing is donations, primarily from business, institutions and individuals. The donors share the same ideas of the editorial principles and ensure non-interference in the editorial process.

Every year Hromadske Radio reports about all expenses to the Audit Commission. The results can be also seen online (2014, 1 quater 2015).

Hromadske radio can place some paid ads and promotional materials if they do not contradict with the editorial policy. The status of the public broadcasted makes some restrictions for the advertising content. In no case ads can be put in the programs content. Hromadske Radio will not advertise alcohol, tobacco, luxury goods or investment schemes.

— Who creates Hromadske Radio?

— From the begining Hromadske Radio was based on unpaid volunteers’ support. About the current vacancies Hromadske radio reports at Project News. By the moment of full-range broadcasting we plan to work with approximately 50 freelance journalists.

The team stays on the principle of competence and dedication. Any discrimination based on sex, age, nationality, religion or other reasons is considered inadmissible.

— Do you cooperate with other organizations?

— Yes. Hromadske Radio is ready for partnership with civil society organizations and the media that share the principles of fair and objective journalism. Hromadske Radio is ready for collaborative projects with such colleagues.