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Hromadske Radio starts broadcasting in Donbass

11 November 2015 - 18:00
Hromadske Radio starts broadcasting in Donetsk on the VHF and FM frequenсies

From November 16th, Hromadske Radio starts broadcasting in Donbass, and especially in Volnovakha, 66.05 MHz and 103,8 MHz, Kramatorsk — 103,2 MHz and Krasnoarmiysk — 99,6 MHz. It was announced by members of the board at a press conference in Kramatorsk.

“Hromadske Radio becomes a broadcasting radio and starts its work in Donetsk region. In addition, we expanded variety of programs for Russian-speaking residents of the eastern regions. I hope that our broadcasts will be interesting to people who want to make their own opinion on the situation in the region and in the country. For this we are ready to provide operational, tested and impartial information as much as possible. Our radio is not belonge to authorities, oligarchs, or political party. Currently we establish technical and organizational aspects, and after 16th of November we will be on air in Donetsk region”, — told Kyrylo Loukerenko, Editor-in-Chief of NGO Hromadske Radio.

In addition, Board members of Hromadske Radio presented a new project, which name must be created with the audience’s help. Two-hour talk show in russian is aimed for coverage the most relevant events in Donetsk and Luhansk, and addressed to everyone who wants know more about the situation in the east.

“In our new talk-show we will discuss main topics in the east of Ukraine with experts. We search for answers on pressing questions, analyze events and try to predict their impact on the basis of exclusive comments of citizens, IDPs and experts. Currently, we are testing different names of the talk show, so everyone can express their ideas. We are open to any suggestions from our audience”, — commented Andriy Kulykov, chairman of Hromadske Radio.

Olexander Buzyuk, Deputy chairman of Hromadske Radio, told: “Hromadske Radio transformes from the web broadcaster into a full-fledged broadcaster. In the summer, radio received license to broadcast on ten frequencies in Donbass and Kyiv. Some frequencies we obtained through competition, and part for temporary use during the armed conflict in Donbas. From November 16th, Hromadske radio starts broadcasting in  Donetsk region, and in Luhansk region till the end of November”.

Before that, Hromadske Radio had the opportunity to speak in Donbas region exclusively via the Internet and at frequencies of partner stations.

After winning at the competition of the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine, Hromadske Radio has been able to speak in some cities in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions and in Kyiv.

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…то цей лист для вас.

Команда Громадського радіо, як і ви, найбільше цінує незалежність. Наша редакція не залежить від олігархів, політиків і держави. У нас немає інших завдань, аніж допомогти вам зрозуміти ситуацію.

Ми принципово лишаємось неприбутковою організацією. На відміну від комерційних мас-медіа, гроші для нас - не мета, а засіб.

Щоби і надалі отримувати правдиву, неперекручену інформацію, ви можете просто зараз допомогти Громадському радіо. Підтримуючи нас, ви робите внесок у своє майбутнє.



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