Russian journalist to leave Poland on suspicion of espionage

19 November 2015 - 12:49
Leonid Sviridov will have his residence permit revoked after a ruling to that effect was upheld by the head of the Office for Foreigners end October

The decision was first ruled by the Mazovian provincial governor in April.

Procedures to oust the freelance journalist first got underway back in November 2014, set in motion by the Internal Security Agency (ABW). The domestic intelligence agency wanted to expel the Russian journalist on suspicion of espionage, and had his foreign journalist’s accreditation terminated by the Foreign Ministry.

All materials related to the case are confidential.

Sviridov has dismissed those claims, saying “I have never collaborated with any [secret] services.”

According to media outlets in Prague, who took interest in the case, the journalist was stripped of his accreditation as a foreign correspondent by the Czech authorities in 2006.

The move came at a time when a spy ring attempting to intercept NATO and EU classified documents was seized in the country in 2006.

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Леонид Свиридов //
Леонид Свиридов


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