Hromadske Radio starts fundraising campaign on Crowdrise

20 November 2015 - 18:07 180
Hromadske Radio and US-Ukrainian charity Razom launched a fundraising campaign to fund six months of two live talk shows ($ 20 000)

The Crowdrise platform supports non-profits from around the world to realize their own projects with financial support of the public.

Our aim is to fundraise $20 000. This money will help Hromadske Radio to produce two daily talk shows for six months. For donation, please visit the campaign page.

This is not the first Hromadske Radio’s experience of crowdfunding. The most recent fundraising campaign via the Ukrainian platform collected over 100 000 hryvnas; this is enough to fund 36 issues of three podcasts (arts, culture and self-education). In early 2014, the radio collected more than $17 000 at

Currently, Hromadske Radio continues its growth and development. For many months, it supports 24-hour stream on and supplies news and talk shows for partner radio stations. Starting November, the radio launched its own broadcasts on own VHF and FM-waves. It has started its own broadcasts in Kyiv, Donetsk region (Volnovakha, Kramatorsk, Krasnoarmiysk) and Luhansk region (Starobilsk). The radio plans to add five more own frequencies in Donetsk and Luhansk regions untilmthe end of the fall. 

The new campaign will help Hromadske Radio to stay independent and continue its growth. It will allow listeners from all over Ukraine and the world to learn the latest news and current afairs analysis.


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