«Київ-Донбас» //


Every day at 12:00 and 17:00 in the air about Donbas region life and events

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Громадська хвиля // «Громадське радіо»

Hromadska khvylya (Public wave)

Every day from 21.10 till 23.00, on weekends from 21.00 till 23.00 we speak with the heroes of the day

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Ukraine Calling logo // Hromadske Radio

Ukraine Calling

A weekly English language roundup of what’s been happening in Ukraine, with a focus on the main story

Інтерв’ю /


Interviews to listen again

«Точки опори»  // «Громадське радіо»


Fulcrums (Tochky opory) is a project of socio-psychological support for the Ukrainians, who are coping with difficult situation due to the Donbas conflict

антена //


The podcast for training of the artistic taste buds and muscles for reading, vision, hearing and thinking

Ген справедливості //

Gene of justice

On Wednesdays. For those who are in need of legal assistance. Whether the free-of-charge legal assistance can become the "gene of justice" capable to change traditionally negative attitudes to justice system?

Прогноз погоди /

Weather forecast

Amazing day-to-day weather forecasts from Natalka Didenko and fluffy Apelmon

Зустрічі /

Zustrichi (Meetings)

The program is devoted to the Ukrainian-Jewish relations, common history, the interpenetration of cultures and exchange — in the broad sense

Механіка революцій /

Mechanics of revolutions

The main task is to show on a number of historical examples the starting points of the revolutions, their development and the issues that influenced on their results

Власна думка //

Own opinion

Personal thoughts of the well-known in Ukraine experts, civil society and authority representatives about the top themes of the today