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Good Fights Evil: Who Wins In Fairy-tales And How This Influences Humankind

20 May 2017 - 17:34
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Is humankind becoming kinder?

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The Hromadske Radio’s studio guest is Razida Tkach, the fouder and scientific leader of “Doktor Kazka” (Doctor Fairy-tale) School of therapeutic metaphore, Dr of Philosophy and Candidate of Psychology, practical psychologist, and fairy-tale therapist.  

“In fact,there are not so many fairy-tale plots. Fairy tales, initially, used to carry a sacral meaning. This is why they were mostly tales about the world’s creation, about life and death, about good and evil. Fairy-tales reflect the fact that our world is bipolar and there are both good and evil in it. This reflects every one of us,” says Razida Tkach. 

According to her, fairy-tales chage. They reflect archetypal motifs, historical and cultural reality, and narrators themselves. There is, for instance, a very interesting analysis along the lines of “Little Red Riding Hood”. With the Grimm Brothers, everything finshes with the Little Red Riding Hood was swallowed. And there’s nothing further there. In 100 years, a musical appears where lumberjacks appear who set Little Red Riding Hood free. Then, Charles Perrault  writes up this story to the end

Де отримати допомогу

Andriy Kobaliya prepared a package on how fairy-tales’ plots changed with time. Why the parents of Hansel and Grethel had abandoned their children in the woods, why Snowwhite’s father had to eat hs own daughter, and why only Naf-Naf survived of the piglets? We’re trying to analyze how fairy-tales’ plots changed over centuries. 

Have people become kinder? Hromadske Radio conducted a survey. Generally as the results of the survey show, people do become kinder.

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